static_image_files : string
Path of the static image file.
moving_image_files : string
Path of the moving image(s). It can be a single image or a folder containing multiple images.
transform_map_file : string
For the affine case, it should be a text(*.txt) file containing the affine matrix. For the diffeomorphic case, it should be a nifti file containing the mapping displacement field in each voxel with this shape (x, y, z, 3, 2)
transform_type : string, optional
Select the transformation type to apply between ‘affine’ or ‘diffeomorphic’. (default affine)
out_dir : string, optional
Directory to save the transformed files (default ‘’).
out_file : string, optional
Name of the transformed file (default ‘transformed.nii.gz’).
It is recommended to use the flag –mix-names to
prevent the output files from being overwritten.