My Journey Continues: Week 4 Progress with DIPY#

Hello everyone, I hope this update finds you well. The fourth week of GSOC has made a little slow progress.

Decorator Implementation PR Fix#

A significant portion of this week was dedicated to addressing and resolving issues with the tests for our decorator implementations. My primary goal was to eliminate any warnings in the Continuous Integration (CI) pipeline, as these warnings are treated as errors and prevent the acceptance of our changes. This process involved carefully reviewing each test, identifying the source of warnings, and making necessary adjustments to ensure our code passes all checks without raising any flags.

Difficulties & Challenges#

No specific challenges faced this week.

Peer Review Contributions#

In addition to working on our own implementations, I’ve had the opportunity to review Pull Requests (PRs) from my peer. This has been an enriching experience, allowing me to gain insights into different coding approaches and problem-solving techniques.

PR: fury-gl/fury#888

Blog Review#

I also reviewed blogs of Peers. 1. fury-gl/fury#896 - Robin Roy 2. fury-gl/fury#897 - Wachiou BOURAÏMA

Next Week#

Next week I am planning to submit my Lazy Loading PR.

Stay tuned for more updates as I continue to work on enhancing DIPY!

Thank you for reading!