My Journey Continues: Week 5 Progress with DIPY#

Hello everyone, I hope this update finds you well. The fifth week of my Google Summer of Code (GSoC) journey with DIPY has been a bit different from the previous ones, and I wanted to share an honest update about my progress and plans.

A Week of Unexpected Challenges#

This past week, I faced an unexpected setback as I fell ill. As a result, I wasn’t able to make as much progress on the project as I had initially planned. I’m grateful for the understanding and support from my mentor, Serge Koudoro, and my fellow GSOC team on the project.

Preparing for Lazy Loading Implementation#

Whatever time I could get, I used it to prepare for the upcoming task of implementing lazy loading in DIPY. I’ve been reviewing the research I conducted earlier and planning my approach for integrating lazy loading into various modules.

Next Steps#

As I recover and regain my full productivity, I’m excited to dive into the lazy loading implementation. My goals include:

  • Identifying key modules and functions that would benefit most from lazy loading.

  • Developing a strategy for implementing lazy loading without disrupting existing functionality.

  • Beginning the actual implementation process, by implementing for Sub-Modules of DIPY and sharing a build with my mentor for POC.

  • Preparing comprehensive tests to ensure the lazy loading implementation works as expected and doesn’t introduce any bugs.

Final Thoughts#

While this week didn’t see as much tangible progress as I would have liked, it has been an opportunity for reflection and preparation. I’m grateful for the support of my mentor and excited to return to full speed at the earliest. Thank you for your understanding and continued support. Stay tuned for what I hope will be a more code-filled update next week!