My Journey Continues: Week 6 Progress with DIPY#

Greetings, everyone! The sixth week of GSOC has been a hectic one. A ton of time in correcting errors and fixing PRs.

Decorator PR Fixes#

With decorator implementation PRs in place, and the integration of my original PR for keyword-only arguments (dipy/dipy#3239), it was now time for the PRs which had the decorator implementation for specific modules to be integrated.

Lazy Loading PR#

I have submitted a PR for the lazy loading feature using the lazy_loader package. (dipy/dipy#3288)

Difficulties & Challenges#

I had and have a ton of challenges ahead as I am having trouble with some PR, I am specifically having a challenge in completing:

1. dipy/dipy#3257 - This PR has issues related to the wls_fit_tensor function, after the application of the decorator I am receiving an error where it is telling me that 3 positional arguments are allowed but 4 are being passed, but when I check the main function parameters there are only 3 positional params. I am not able to figure out why 1 extra argument is being passed.

2. dipy/dipy#3254 - This PR have a issue about the application of arguments separator, I am just awaiting response on applying the separator.

3. dipy/dipy#3288 - This PR is my lazy loading PR. I am having trouble with the application of type_stub as the package is not able to recognize it and thus I am receiving error when trying to import the modules. I was trying to make it as close as possible to scikit-image implementation, it hasn’t happened yet. But I’m hopeful.

Next Week#

Next week I am planning to push through the remaining PRs of decorator implementation. Also for lazy_loader, I am planning to fix the error. I will have to go through the PEP-561 documentation which talks about the type_stub implementation.

Final Thoughts#

The sixth week of the Coding phase has been a challenging week, with the decorator implementation and lazy loading. Hopefully I can fix these soon and move on to next problems. I am grateful for the guidance and support provided by my mentor Serge Koudoro, and the DIPY community, which have been instrumental in driving this project forward.

Stay tuned for more updates as I continue to work on enhancing DIPY!

Thank you for reading!